My first post!

So my first blog post is quite late, I have been meaning to upload for a few months now but uni work and outside projects have gotten in the way. Anyway, I have finally found some spare time to start uploading on to my blog. This blog will be for me to show the development process of my work, artists who inspire me, exhibitions I visit etc.

For my first post is a photo of me drawing on location in Bucharest from a few months ago. I went to Bucharest, a capital city in an ex-communist country, as an ethnic minority individual to illustrate my experiences and journeys through reportage illustration. I wanted to show multiculturalism and different religions as well as everyday life. Through drawing on location I intended to break down stereotypes and cultural barriers regarding both place and people .  I also worked with the theme of an outsider sharing my experiences and how I lived in a place with a low percentage of religions apart from Christianity. Travelling to Bucharest and interacting with communities from there was really great chance for me to meet great people regardless of the language barrier.

The trip was without a doubt one of the best trips I’ve had. It was really great to explore new places, meet new people, learn new languages and try new foods. I will definitely be returning to Bucharest very soon and would advise you all to consider going!




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