Phase two – Development and testing
London fashion and textile museum – 1920s JAZZ AGE Fashion & Photographs

This module one of my aims is to conduct deeper and more meaningful research, this means going out to see exhibitions and museums which i believe will benefit my work. Since i am working  with fashion from different cultures, i went to visit

1920s JAZZ AGE Fashion & Photographs at the London fashion and textile museum.
This exhibition was really interesting and i enjoyed it very much. It gave me an opportunity to see the everyday clothing, to fancy dresses, to bathing suits from places such as Paris, London to New York and Hollywood in the 1920’a. Additionally i saw the influence on these clothes from other cultures, such as Egyptian and Chinese. This was particularity interesting as i am working with fashion from different cultures at the moment. The styles, colors and designs of the clothes are very apparent when ranging from different cultures. I also got to see fashion illustrations by Gordon Conway from the Illustrated London News Archive at Mary Evans. This was also very helpful to see as i am working with fashion illustration mixed with collage and photoshop. Overall the exhibition was really valuable and useful for my project. It has informed and widened my knowledge on fashion and how to convey it through my work and different cultures.



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