Phase two – Development and testing
Last week i visited Jason Woodside’s show and saw how he combined his graffiti with his studio practice. This has influenced me to re visit my graffiti work and begin incorporating it in to my project. Graffiti has gotten me where I am today, graffiti has taught me the majority of my skills and helped me find creativity everywhere. After painting graffiti for approximately 8 years I took a few years break to focus on my studio practice and university. However at this moment I feel it’s time to begin incorporating it back in to my work and going back to my roots. I’ve missed graffiti and combining it with my studio practice is really exciting!
Here are some collages which i’ve combined with my graffiti.

Looking back and reflecting on these pieces i feel they’re too restricted. When producing my graffiti work and my collages i am very expressive and loose within my style, however i feel these collages are not. I aim to be braver when working with them and making them more abstract, expressive and experimental.



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