Phase 3: Finalizing work, contextualization and presentation.

These are the 5 graffiti collages I have produced by hand on MDF. I am really pleased with how they turned out. I feel that making the pieces more busier and expressive with the tags worked really well. The layers of paint, collage and graffiti can act as a visual metaphor for the many different cultures we have in society today. After producing both digitally produced collages and hand made collages I have decided to use the hand made collages for the exhibition. I feel these pieces express the celebration of different cultures through fashion really well with a unique and personal twish to them. I am also very glad i worked on MDF as the spray paint and collaging of the photos went on to the surface very smoothly, this was a little bit of a concern for me before i started the pieces. I originally intended to only exhibit three, however after looking back on them i feel exhibition all five will look really powerful and imposing. I believe it’ll convey my project concept really well.

IMG_1530.JPGIMG_1526 copy.jpgIMG_1525.JPGIMG_1523.JPGIMG_1521.JPG


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