About me

Usamah Kise is an Illustrator and Artist from Nottingham, now based in London. His specialism is principally within mixed media collage. He documents and observes the world around us. And in his case cities and telling the stories of the lives of the people who live and pass through it. Coming from a background of graffiti, with 7 years’ experience, graffiti played a huge impact on his prolific style and has gotten him to where he is now. It’s given him the opportunity to work with other artists, musicians and travel the world. Example of this are being part of the well-recognized documentary ‘Pride, Pole and Prejudice’ shown at the infamous Regent Street cinema which was nominated at 2015 Santé Fe film awards in New Mexico, working with political activist, artist and poet ‘Lowkey’ and being part of a DVD about the history of Nottingham graffiti which was shown at Nottingham Trent University. As Kise has gotten older, his style has naturally developed and moved away from typographic letters and graffiti and more in to Illustration. Many have described his style as very expressive, aggressive and playful. He is notorious for incorporating a range of different techniques within each piece and making each one individual. He aims to find a balance between looseness and sharpness. Kise is currently studying BA (Hons) undergraduate Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Westminster. University has helped develop his own recognized style and has taught him how to combine the styles and skills he learnt painting graffiti with his illustration practice. He believes art is having the ability to express yourself visually. Art is a representation of one’s reality and can give anyone a voice, no matter who they are and reach out to everyone.